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PM Digital Health ID Card scheme was launched by PM Narendra Modi on September 27. Prime Minister of India, announced the introduction of the Digital Health ID Card for citizens of India. PM launched the PM Digital Health ID Card scheme as the initiative of Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission.

This scheme was started by our prime minister on the 74th independence day of India. PM Digital Health ID Card Scheme will come as an Online Store that keeps all your Health Records Privately and Securely. PM Digital Health ID Card will store all the health records of the individual digitally.

PM Digital Health ID Card will reduce the portability of records of health, disease, doctors, appointments, medication, etc. in one tap from any geographical region. Citizens of all age groups shall access the PM Digital Health ID Card. One can generate a Health ID Card from NDHM Health Records or from Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission ID.

PM Digital Health ID Card:

As part of Arogya Manthan 3.0, Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) launched an online form for health ID cards. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission via video conferencing on the 27th of September 2021.

This program was labeled as an Indian extreme movement in his statement. Prime Minister Modi said that the program aims to digitalize medical treatment facilities by joining millions of hospitals. This program facilitates the treatment process. This program also aims to increase citizens’ standard of living.

PM Digital Health ID Card Apply Online:

Prime Minister Narender Modi administered a digital health card in the year 2021. Each individual will be issued an ID card as part of this mission. Each card contains details about the person’s health. Each Indian will be able to access their electronic health records free of charge after applying for the Digital ID card. 

By visiting the official portal of the PM Digital Health ID Card one can apply for the ID card. After the application process, the online app or website saves all health information about the card’s owner and the doctor furnishing it. Cardholders will be able to access their documents and details.

PM Digital Health ID Card registration:

With the NDHM Health Record Apps, one can complete a digital health card registration process on your mobile device. 

The steps required for the registration process are as follows-

Step 1: Download the app for NDHM Health Records.

Step 2: Click on Register Now and select your preferred language

Step 3: Now, you have two options: Register with a Mobile number or an Aadhar card

Step 4: Select the Aadhar Card link and enter the required details

Step 5: After filling in all details your registered mobile phone number will receive an OTP

Step 6: Once the Health ID Card has been created, the individual will create a username

Step 7: Then you have to submit some more documentation, such as your identification

Step 8: Once it’s completed, you’ll receive your digital Health Card

Step 9: Create a password for the PM Digital Health ID Card

Step 10: Use valid certifications to log in

Setup Digital Health ID

Once your certifications are recorded, you will be turned to the Digital Health ID Application Form, then the individual will need to fill in the following information-

  • Full Name of the Applicant
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Personal Health Records Address ( PHR ) ( as an alternative to Health ID number with at least 4 letters)
  • Create & confirm password
  • Address
  • State / UT Name
  • Select the Health ID Number generated by default or create your Own Health ID Number
  • Personal Email Address
  • Tap on the Submit Button and your Ayushman Bharat Digital Health ID will be created successfully.

Digital Health ID Login Process:

Candidates register for Digital Health ID Account, Individual become eligible to log in to the Digital Health Portal as soon as the registration process gets completed. Digital Health ID login procedure is as follows-

  • Visit the National Digital Health Mission official website
  • Select Login option available in the menu bar and it will open the Health Id login window
  • Here you have to fill the Health ID OR PHR Address and generate the captcha code
  • Click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page
  • After that, the Digital Health ID Dashboard of the user will get generated on the screen

PM Digital Health ID Card Benefits:

The benefits of using the Digital Health ID Card are as follows-

  • An individual can see all the details of the health care services and doctors from anywhere and anytime
  • Individuals don’t need to carry health documents to check health reports
  • You will find the entire details of your treatment, discharge, and every test in your hand anytime.
  • The doctor can easily refer you to the online link to get all the records when you visit any professional hospital
  • It is a beneficial online tool
  • If you provide the medical practitioner with the cardholder id, they will have access to your medical record at any time

PM Digital Health ID Card Features:

  • 14 digit unique Digital Health Id number will be provided to every citizen under the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission
  • To avail of the services, an individual must have a Digital health Id.
  • Without health Id, they cannot share their health records and other information with the stakeholders
  • This digital id encourages people to get their health records digitally in a secure and easy way
  • With this id, people can experience ABDM
  • Individuals can also avail various medical services online such as searching for medical stores, medical specialists, labs, doctors, digital diagnoses, digital consultation, identifying hospitals, receiving digital prescriptions and reports, etc.
  • Health records are safe and digitally secured and no individual’s health data is stored under the ABDM network
  • The sharing of health data over this network is done through an encryption network
  • This scheme provides easy sign-up and login-in access of the portal to the users
  • An individual can deactivate their Id and records anytime
  • Individuals can also add a nominee to their health id
  •  Health Id can be created right from the birth of the child

Here, we cover a small piece of information about the PM Digital Health Id Card. For the application process and to know more about the Digital health Id Card Scheme you can visit the Digital Health Official Website. Stay tuned to get notified about the other Government schemes.