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Blackout Roman Shades

Shades or curtains are something that any house cannot do without really. Curtains and shades provide privacy and warmth that your house or room requires.

When you have got curtains or shades in your house the heat or the cold is prevented from entering inside that helps in reducing your energy bills.

Blackout Roman Shades

Privacy is something that none of us like to be compromised on. You wouldn’t want someone else spying on your house or others looking at what is going on inside.

room darkening shades

Though you require air and light for your house, you need privacy. That can be prevented by making use of shades. Roman shades are one of the popular curtains that are being used.

There are many reasons why blackout Roman shades are preferred when compared to other shades. They provide that elegant look for your room.

thermal roman shades

Who doesn’t like to have an elegant look for their room? When your living room or bedroom looks elegant and inviting you like to enter inside it.

custom fabric roman shades

That is one of the main reasons why you will want to make sure that your rooms are elegantly designed. You can do that by making use of blackout Roman shades.

Another reason why the blackout Roman shades are perfect for rooms is that they can be used in any rooms. You can place them in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, patios, and dining room.

cordless roman shades

You can use them as you want to in any of the rooms as they are perfect. They come with many materials that are available in the markets.

bali cellular shades

You have materials that inspired by nature including rattan, bamboo, weeds, jute, and others that is perfect for your house. The materials of the blackout Roman shades provide a good feel and protect your privacy.

bamboo roman shades

You can purchase blackout Roman shades through online stores. Purchasing them through online stores is the best way to do things. That is because you need to go through the items that are provided on the website and make your choice. Once you have placed your choice, you just have to order the shades.

blackout window roller shades

When you have placed the order of your blackout Roman shades, it arrives at your home in a few days time.

Of course they will have to be stitched, which might take time. You will need to hire a tailor and get it stitched. When you are selecting the blackout Roman shades, you will want to make sure that you choose a thick lining.

blackout shades

The blackout Roman shades can easily stack up on the window without the space on the side wall being lost.

The shades provide a refined and finished look when compared to other shades. They also come with easy ways to use them including hobbled, flat, clutch cord lock, top-down bottom-up choices, and others.

bamboo insulated roman shades

In conclusion, blackout Roman shades provide an elegant look for your room. They come in many nature friendly materials and blend with your home interiors.

The shades also provide excellent insulation from sunlight and cold. They are easy to maintain and wash.

Bedroom Window Treatments

If you are searching for bedroom window treatments for your house or apartment, you would want to take your time in deciding what must go on.

It is your house after all and you will be living there for a few years at least, if at all you decide to sell it later on. The style and design are the main factors that should be decided on bedroom window treatments for your house.

Bedroom Window Treatments

Below are a few types of bedroom window treatments that would look perfect for your house.

window treatments for bedrooms

Curtains and Drapes

One of the most common bedroom window treatments for houses or apartments are curtains or drapes. You can find them being used almost everywhere.

colorful bedroom curtains

When your bedroom interiors are simple and you want a classic look, then you will want to go with curtains or drapes. They blend well with any kind of theme including modern themes, romantic theme, and others.

You can also use valances on the upper part of your window. They are usually used to cover the top portion of your window.

bedroom window valances

Sometimes when the top part of your window is left bare, it might look odd. Valances come in wooden designs, but you can also get them in French or Tuscan designs.

You should decide on the design that you want your bedroom to have to protect your privacy.

bedroom drapes

When you want to go in for something more modern, then you might want to choose drapes. Drapes come in many designs and styles too. There are Victorian drapes, French drapes, and many others.

bedroom window curtains

Depending on the bedroom window treatments you would like to have in your house or apartment, you will need to make a selection. There are drapes that come in beautiful looking fabrics that can alter your bedroom into a royal room. If your bedroom has tall windows, then you will want to go in for heavy drapes.

When the windows are short, then you can use classic drapes. When you are particular about your privacy, then you can have them near the window.

bedroom curtains

Wooden Shutters and Blinds

Another type of bedroom window treatments for your house or apartment is wooden shutters and blinds. You can make use of valances, drapes, and curtains to protect your privacy. You have two types of shutters including cafe shutters and plantation shutters. You can make use of plantation shutters when you are staying in a country house or cottage.

You can use café shutters in your house or apartment for the lower part of your window.

bedroom blinds

Fabric Blinds

You can also think about using fabric blinds as your bedroom window treatments for your house or apartment. Fabric blinds can be decorated as you like. You can use whatever design you want to. You can use them in your kid’s bedroom and country homes. During the day time the fabric blinds can be folded to provide light inside.

In the night time you can roll them down. They come in Victorian, Italian, and French styles.

The type of bedroom window treatments that you choose for your house or apartment matters a lot in the design of your place, select well.

Here’s bedroom window treatments selection (click to enlarge!):

Bay Window Curtain Rods

There are many bay window curtain rods you can choose easily, but you should choose them carefully. Bay windows provide that unique look for your house.

When you have bay windows in your house, you would have noticed that the central window is usually bigger than the remaining two.

Bay Window Curtain Rods

There are many styles, but this is a usual factor in many bay windows.

bay window hardware

You could say that it is the trademark of bay windows. Homes that have bay windows stand apart in the neighborhood. That is why, it is vital that you know how to take care of them and ensure that they look attractive.

When you have planned to hang a curtain in there for obvious reasons, you might want to know how to choose bay window curtain rods.

wrought iron curtain rods

There are many factors which have to be considered in choosing bay window curtain rods. You could read those tips that have been given below.

Find out the measurements

It is very important that you find out the measurements before you decide to install the curtains.

Many homeowners have made the same mistake of not measuring the bay windows before purchasing the bay window curtain rods. Proper hardware has to be also used when you are fixing the curtain rod.

corner curtain rod

There are connectors and extension brackets, which are produced particularly for bay windows. Only they have to be used here.

bow window curtain rods

You will need to also know that using bay window curtain rods taken from the ordinary window won’t do as they won’t suit the design of bay windows.

Single or double rods

Once you have measured your bay window, you will need to decide on whether you want to go in for a single or double curtain rod.

bay window double curtain rod

That entirely, depends on your taste and requirement. You also got curtain extendable rods, which are easy to install. The measurements also don’t need to be exact.

It is best to take the help of a professional to install the bay window curtain rods. You might want to pay close attention when they are installing the curtain rods.

The connectors and extension brackets have to be fixed well so that they ensure that the curtains can be used regularly without hassle. You might want to also use pillows, seat coverings, and stuffed animals.

double curtain rod brackets

However, you will need to realize that the bay window curtain rods can support only a certain weight. It won’t be advisable to use draperies that weigh a lot.

You would never want to use a straight rod for fitting curtains as you are not justifying these windows. Only when the bay window curtain rods are fitted properly, the real beauty of the bay windows comes out.

You can also make use of blinds to make your curtain unique like Roman blinds.

bay window treatments

When your bay windows are spaced closely, shades or blinds coming with simple designs can be used. When your bay windows are spaced widely, panels can be used.

Look out online

You can always look out online for information regarding bay window curtain rods.

There are many online suppliers who sell rods that are made by popular manufactures at discounted prices. When you have been able to find that exact curtain rod for your bay window, it gives your room a perfect and finished appearance.

As you can see, bay window curtain rods must be chosen with great care.

Bay window curtain rods gallery:

bay window curtain ideas
curved curtain rod

Basement Window Wells

Basement window wells are designs that are placed under your basement window.

The window wells on your basement window let light come inside your house and more importantly prevent rain water from entering inside. They are one meter or few feet deep and contain gravel and soil. It is a good idea to have some flower pots or plants on the basement window wells.

Basement Window Wells

If you have decided to redesign your house then you will want to install basement window wells in your house. They are useful as they provide light to your house.

basement window wells

Window wells in your basement also help in using rain water for your plants. If you are staying in a rainy area then you seriously might want to consider having window wells in your house.

Installing basement window wells also improve the safety of the occupants in the house. In emergencies when you want to leave your house, your family members can make use of the window well.

metal window wells

You can safely leave the house after climbing out through the window well. The firemen can also enter your house through the basement window wells.

Below are a few types of basement window wells. You can decide which one will suit your house.

window well grates

Classic Cover

A durable window well is the classic cover type. Since it is strong the classic cover can last many years. This cover can blend with any kind of area and house.

It is made by the InnerFIT™ system and comes with .5″ square tubing and 2″ angle iron frame. The classic cover weighs about more than 750 lbs.

plastic window well covers

Mesh Cover

The mesh cover comes with a metal top. This cover helps in keeping away pets and debris from the house. The mesh cover comes with vinyl coating that makes it durable and strong. It is perfect for homes that receive plenty of rainfall.

metal window well covers

Polycarbonate Cover

The polycarbonate cover helps in preventing snow. It comes with the InnerFIT™ system and is installed vertically on windows so that it is higher that the window well on the basement.

If you are staying in an area where it snows often, then you can use this window well.

custom window well covers

Hire A Good Contractor

The best way to install basement window wells would be to hire a good contractor. Installing a window well on the basement is not a small task as it requires lot of planning, soil tests, and construction.

window well covers

You can consult with your family members and friends about hiring a good contractor who can help you with the task.

As always you can refer the internet on installing basement window wells in your house. There are many websites that provide information on how you can design a window well in your basement of your house.

window well drainage

You can also go through forums or blogs that contain lot of information on designing window wells in the basement of your house.

Also, we found a great video. This guy created window well cover for his sister. You should watch it.

You will want to start work immediately by installing basement window wells in your house. Here’s some ideas (click to enlarge!):

Arched Window Treatments

Arched window treatments can be decorated, however many often find it a difficult task because of its nature. So, if you are searching for arched window treatments and are struggling to find inspiration, you need to look no further as this article will put you on the right track.

Having the right window treatment is an important factor, as it will often play an important role in the homes decor. The window treatment often adds security and privacy, but it can also add a bit of beauty to your home too.

Arched Window Treatments

Arched window treatments, can have many different characteristics, it just depends on what you are after for that particular space and window.

The arched window is often a large size, and is seen with an arch shape located near the top end of the window. They are often seen as classical windows that bring in natural light to the room that they are situated in.

window treatments for large arched windows
arched window treatments for large windows

Arched windows can look stunning, but decorating them is difficult because of the way they look and because of there odd shape, as you can already attest to. So, here are some simple tips for arched window treatments.

Ideas for window treatments for Arched Windows

The treatments that you use for the windows will depend on the pattern and design of the window. There are many homes that may have a series of arched windows index in their walls, and some just have one arched window. Adding a curtain rod to the arched portion can be helpful, or you may hang the curtains to see the arched detailing of the window.

arched window blinds

If you wanted to, you can have a single window treatment just for the entire window, as an option, or you can have separate treatments installed for the arched area and the actual window. Furthermore, you can see there are many other styles to use when decorating your arched window.

arch window coverings
arch curtains for large windows

Arched window treatment #1

If your intention is to show off the arched detailing, then hang a curved rod along the circumference of the arched section. This treatment can look wow, and you can add many different patterns to suit your tastes.

A sunburst window treatment can be used, where you can cover the arched part with a nice piece of fabric. A light fabric is often used for this, to allow the light to enter the room. A fan style is something that you may want to consider. These curtains will open from the center point of the window.

arched window treatments ideas

However, if you are after something simple then adding blinds is the best way to go. Blinds are easy to use and don’t require much maintenance.

Arched window treatment #2

To cover your entire window, a straight curtain rod will need to be place above the arched window for this window treatment. The curtain rod should be longer than the window, and the curtains should drop to the ground. This means that the arched window will be completely covered.

arched french door window treatments

As you can see there are ways of decorating your windows. Arched window treatments don’t need to be difficult, as there are ways of getting around it.

Window Treatments for French Doors

Through this article, you will find out the benefits of having French doors installed in your home and the different kinds of window treatments for French doors.

When you are planning to redesign your home or build your home, then you might want to consider having some window treatments for French doors.

Window Treatments for French Doors

When your house is yet to have French doors installed, then you might consider getting them window treatments for French doors.

window treatments for patio doors

You see French doors provide your house with that exotic look. They can be installed anywhere in the house. You can either have it in the front side of your home or in back.

They don’t look odd anywhere and suit any kind of place. Whether the area you are living in is sunny, rainy or even it experiences snowfall.

window treatments for french doors

French doors can also be used as dividers. The traditional type of the French doors provides you with a relaxing atmosphere and so does the modern type of French doors.

Your house feels airy and light having French doors. They enable lots of light to enter inside. If you are someone who likes to view your garden or the lawn, then French doors are the answer to that.

Though French doors look presentable without curtains, you might want to have them covered and protect your privacy. You can always make use of a string or rod to pull aside the curtain when you want fresh light inside your hall or room.

french door shutters

As there are many choices from which you can choose French doors, you will want to finalize on the one which is suitable for your house.

Given below are the different kinds of window treatments for French doors.

Horizontal mini blinds

A horizontal mini blind is an alternative of window treatments for French doors. You can select horizontal mini blinds based on your financial capabilities. Though horizontal min blinds are slightly on the costly side, they are durable and provide your room with a classic look.

window coverings for french doors

When your room has the latest interiors, then you might want to go in for aluminum blinds. Those of you, living in areas that have high humidity, you can opt for vinyl mini blinds.

The kitchen or bathroom is areas in your house that experience high humidity and vinyl mini blinds can be used there.

Fabric French door window treatments

Draperies are commonly used on French doors. You have so many drapery styles from which you can choose from.

Sheers are other fabric window treatments for French doors, which can be used through rods.

If you are still not sure about installing French doors, then you can directly view them by visiting a store or neighbor who has these installed.

french door curtains

You can enquire from neighbor about window treatments for French doors. You can ask them questions like, whether it is useful to them or not? How often does it have to be replaced? What are the maintenance costs?

This might help you decide on whether or not you want to have them installed in your house or not. This is something you don’t want to miss out on.

roman shades for french doors

As always, you can go through the internet to find out more about the different kinds of window treatments for French doors. There are many websites, blogs, and forums through which you can find what you are looking for.

Curtain Rods

There was a time when curtain rod designs were so simple and crude that valance was used to hide them from public view.

Putting up curtain rods meant incurring extra expense towards valance as well, hence to a certain degree putting up curtain rods was a costly affair.

Curtain Rods

However with technological advancement curtain rod went through a transformation from simplicity to gorgeousness. No more valance or draperies are necessary to hide the curtain rods.

Bronze 57 60 Double Curved Adjustable Tension Shower

ceiling mount curtain rods

On the other hand you can now flaunt your curtain rods as much as you want. Beautiful looking curtain rod designs are available for you to select from.

While decorating the interiors of your home a window treatment done decently can enhance the beauty of a home. If you are hanging curtains on your windows, beautiful curtain rods can add that extra dazzle to the decor.

Diy Double Industrial Conduit Curtain Rod Diy Curtains

bay window curtain rods

The amazing range of curtain rods designs, sizes and styles that are available in the market can give you the extra mileage in terms of looks to your home decor.

You can choose from the different types like spring tension, drapery, traverse, swing arm, traverse-and-valance, wide, magnetic and so on.

Diy Curtain Rods Shine Your Light

double curtain rod brackets

In short you can have curtain rods designs according to your particular need or according to the need of a particular area.

Some of the different curtain rods designs are mentioned here.

Decorative Curtain Rods

These types of curtain rods are also called drapery rods. You can use them to hang decorative curtains as well as light drapery panels.

This rod is capable of supporting nearly all type of draperies. Rings are used to hang draperies on these rods. These rods are available in different materials like metal, wood, glass and plastic which give you the opportunity to choose according to your decor.

corner curtain rods

Magnetic Drapery Rods

These are very useful if you have metal window casing. Magnetic rod will save your walls as you do not have to drill them to install the rod as the magnets will do the job.

Single curtain rods will be perfect if you are planning to hang panels or lace. Your window treatment will get a layered look with such a decor.

shower curtain rods

Swing Arm Drapery Rods

Sometimes you might have narrow or small windows at certain places of your home like, bathroom windows.

It is sometimes not possible to install decorative rods on windows that are either small or narrow; in such cases swing arm drapery rods becomes handy and convenient to use.

swing arm curtain rods

However, you need to be careful with these rods as they are not built to carry heavy weight. These rods can conveniently be used for your shower curtains.

Spring Tension Rods

These rods are similar to swing arm drapery rods and are mostly used for small and narrow windows.

Spring tension rods go well with ceramic and can be used conveniently if your bathroom wall is ceramic covered. You should not use these rods for heavy curtains though.

tension curtain rods

Traverse Curtain Rods

These are ideal for use in home offices and in places where you want to make a big impression. Sophisticated version of these curtain rods are available which you can use very effectively with various controls.

Therefore, whatever curtain rods design you use, ensure that they are appropriate for the job and match your decor to the very best.