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Using Garden Water Fountains Effectively in Your Home

If you feel that your garden is not as good looking as before, then you might want to place something there which can enhance the looks. Though you maintain your garden well and water it regularly, it needs that effect which can really improve its looks and make everyone appreciate your efforts.

Garden Water Fountains

You need garden water fountains that can enhance the looks of your garden. Many of you feel that the water fountains for gardens are placed in the backyard. That is not always the case as it can even be kept in the front yard. When you keep the water fountain in the front, it provides a warm feeling for your guests.

garden water fountain ideas
garden water fountain design

It also compliments your house. You just need to make sure that you place the garden water fountains at the right location. This way, it provides that look you wanted for your house.

garden water fountains

Entryway placement of water fountains

You will want to know that garden water fountains can be installed anywhere in your compound. Whether you place it in the front or back, the looks are going to be the same. The only difference will be that people can see from outside when you place it in the front. The looks are improved in a better manner too.

outdoor water fountain statues

You can place it in front of your driveway. When you have got a long driveway, you might want to place it in the center. You can have some bright flowers surrounding it. Rather than having it in the back of your house, with hardly anybody noticing your hard efforts, you might want to have it in the front of your driveway.

lion head garden water fountain

The garden water fountains will look awesome in the center of your driveway with the entrance of your house in the background. If you have got a large courtyard, you can place the garden water fountains there. You will want to ensure that the water fountain is at the center and you got a variety of plants that surround it.

fairy garden water fountain

The plants should be of different colors and shapes. This will improve the looks of your water fountain. You can also think about having two water fountains on both sides of your door. They can be small statues like angels holding a trumpet and water coming out of them. You might want to have something that can help make your guest welcoming.

western water fountains

When you got parties or weddings taking place at your home, this is a great way to welcome them. You should ensure that the placement of the garden water fountains is right.

Perfect fountains for entryways

For making sure that you choose the perfect garden water fountains at the entrance of your house, you will want to go in with statues. Angels holding trumpets and water coming out of them are the most common ones. There are many other designs and shapes. They come made from various materials.

garden water fountain shapes

Having statues placed at the entrance of your house is a common thing. You will want to ensure that the garden water fountains blends with the concept of your house.

Basic Pieces to Complete Your Patio Furniture Setup

Wouldn’t it be nice to sit down, relax, and savor a glass of iced tea on your home’s front patio during a warm, sunny day? Just imagine the many wonderful conversations and, perhaps, rounds of beer you can enjoy when you have a veranda that has been designed for leisure purposes.

Patio Furniture

How do you build that kind space within your property? To begin, you need to have the right pieces of patio furniture in place and determining what kind and how many you need should be on top of your to-do list.

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patio furniture beach

The Basic Pieces

Swing – A classic element of any veranda, a swing combines the feel of a hammock and the support of a chair. Because of its versatility, it’s considered by many homeowners to be a suitable seating patio furniture.

patio furniture gardner white
patio furniture myrtle beach

When shopping for one, opt for a swing large enough for several people or one that can accommodate just you, whichever your preference is.

• Tables – Before picking a material for the table, make sure to consider the climate of the place where you live. On that note, it may be important to remember that wicker is a good patio furniture material for houses located in dry climates while wrought iron is more flexible since it can adapt to any environment thinkable.

patio table bench

Meanwhile, another concern you need to think about is the size – should it be big enough to accommodate a bunch of your friends or should it be cozy enough for just two people? The answer to this solely depends on you, though it may be worth mentioning that a rectangular piece may be more suitable for the former scenario while a round one for the latter.

patio table iron base

• Loungers or Hammocks – If you are looking forward to lazy days and afternoons entirely dedicated to a beauty siesta, it may be wise to invest in either of these two patio furniture. For a more breezy experience, a hammock should be your top choice.

patio hammocks

patio chairs

When you have no sturdy posts or trees to tie the hammock to, a good alternative may be a reclining chair. Often coming in adjustable or preset designs, a lounger will surely give you a chance to just enjoy the view on your wonderfully landscaped garden or your well-manicured front lawn.

• Benches or Chairs – After your table comes the chairs, which should stand at an appropriate height relative to that of the table. For instance, if you decide to go with a bar table for the verandah, it may be practical to match it with tall chairs. Aside from the height, you may also have to look at a chair’s form.

patio furniture chairs

When you want to curl up with a book on the patio, go for a wide chair instead of the usual structured type. On the other hand, you may choose to get a bench for the patio furniture that is best paired with a picnic table. Regardless of the size and shape of your chair, however, remember that there is only one thing that can complete the setup: a comfy cushion. Without it, you wouldn’t even spend a good 5 minutes on the porch.

patio furniture wood

Once you’ve decided on the right blend of patio furniture pieces, the next thing to do is to secure the ones you need for your verandah. And as you choose which kinds to buy, keep in mind three important factors: storage, maintenance, and quality.

patio furniture pompano beach

This means that the pieces you choose should be (1) easy to store, (2) low maintenance, and (3) built to last. When your patio furniture set meets these three basic requirements, you can be sure that you and your family can maximize and enjoy the space on your verandah for a long, long time.

Garden Lights

When adding garden lights to outdoor exterior, the homeowner is able to create a design to go along with it.

Garden lights can take on many different forms they can either be for privacy and security reasons, or they bring the outdoor area to life.

Garden Lights

However, many homeowners bring the two together to create a warm, safe, outdoor living space that everyone will love.

garden lights landscape

Solar garden lights are an excellent solution if you want to save on electricity, especially if you are trying to go green.

By adding solar lights in your garden, you are able to install these yourself and not need the aid of an electrician. These solar lights are great money savers but also add a beauty to your garden that it may need.

If you are worried about this affecting your design plans, you don’t have to, as many solar lights will be available in the same way that the traditional electrical lighting is presented.

These come in many different forms such as solar landscape rocks for your pathways, as well as, solar stake lighting to enhance your garden features.

Solar garden lights also come in hanging form and you can have them draped behind or in between the bushes to bring them to life.

low voltage lights for garden
outdoor path lighting
outside lights for garden
outside garden lights

If you are lucky enough to have a water feature, or plan on getting one, garden lights are the way to go, to enhance the feature and make it stand out at night. They come in waterside lights to give the water features the attention that it needs.

Underwater lights are a great asset to ponds or pools; they can be colored lights and can also create amazing features that it may have lacked before.

Fountains can also enjoy spotlights, or even hidden lighting as it will give it a nice shine to the piece and it will make it noticeable in the dark.

If you are worried about safety and security, then adding some pathway lights or motion detection light for darker areas is the way to go.

The pathway lights can be placed anywhere in the line of the driveway, your walkways and other areas of walking space in your garden.

solar led garden lights
solar powered lights for home garden
outdoor garden lights

This style of lighting can be used as well with landscape rocks, with the light being built in, or having post lighting along the walkways.

There are so much that you can do with garden lights and the lists are endless.

If you have a wow garden but cannot see it at night, then adding those extra lights can really bring it to life and bring out those centerpieces.

The choice in the end is really up to you on how you design your lighting in your exterior areas of the home. Garden lights can be found anywhere online or offline.

Garden Design Ideas

There are many different styles of gardens. You can design your own garden in the style in which you want to. After all, it is going to be your garden. So, why don’t you be different from others?

Gardening is a very beneficial hobby too. To design your own garden you need to know the different garden design ideas.

Garden Design Ideas

Given below are some garden design ideas which you might want to use for your home.

unique garden decor

Formal Garden Design

The formal garden design is shaped very fine. When you want a garden that is shaped exactly the way it is supposed to be, then you might want to choose the formal garden design.

modern garden design

The garden has angles that are straight and they also have pathways. There are also bends at different places and the beds are shaped in a geometric manner.

You can have them in circular or square shape. The pathways are located in between them and the borders are also placed in various places that give them a very elegant look.

landscape design ideas

The formal garden design includes pergolas, gardens that are walled, carpet bedding, and terraces. According to the shape that you prefer for your garden, you can choose the formal garden design.

If you are residing in a town, then you might want to make use of a formal garden design. The design is formal and it suits your landscape.

front yard design

Though, the garden requires regular maintenance, you might want to make use of the exercise once a week. This is an ideal garden to have for your home.

garden design ideas

Informal Garden Design

The informal garden design is the opposite of formal garden design. There are no shape or pathways located in between the garden.

small garden design

The informal garden design comes in with shapes that are based on the landscape. You can make use of hedges on the informal garden design. They blend with the surroundings and provide you with the atmosphere you were looking for.

Sometimes city people like relaxing in a country house. Your holiday can be even better when you got an informal garden design.

landscape gardening

When you are residing in a cottage or farm house, you might want to make use of the informal garden. This is one of the best garden design ideas you will want to make use.

flower garden ideas
summer flower garden ideas

Traditional Garden Design

The traditional garden design is similar to a farmhouse or cottage. The only difference would be that they come with fruits and vegetables in them.

When you are someone who likes doing their own gardening, then you will want to make use of the traditional garden design and have many fruits and vegetables planted there.

vegetable garden design

Modern Garden Design

The modern garden design consists of exotic flowers. If you are someone who loves flowers, then you might consider having a modern garden design.

There will be many flower pots and other decorative accessories put up in the garden. You can also have some artwork placed around them to improve the beauty of it. You should select garden design ideas that suit your personality.

Some garden design ideas (click to enlarge!):

10 Different of Swimming Pools Shape

Are you considering to make swimming pool on your backyard? If yes, in this article we sum up ten different swimming pools shape for you. Before choosing the best swimming pools shape and design for your home, you need to consider several factor such as the size of location, how many members that will swim, and in what age they are. After considering those factor will narrow your option in order to present the best swimming pool for your home.

Here is the list of ten different shapes of swimming pools for your home:

  1. Roman Swimming Pool

This swimming pool shape inspired by roman culture which have rich of rectangular and curve at the same time. With this kind of shape you will feel the coolness of the water from every part of it.

  1. Lazy L Pool

The L shape can make you freely move around because of the wide space of the swimming pool area. Therefore this shape is right for you to enjoy the quality time with your friends or family.

  1. Free Form Pool

In the free form pool, you can decorate and make your swimming pool shape as you like. This unique characteristic can make your pool stand out.

  1. Geometric Pool

Geometric pool is known for their common shape to evoke the house become warmth and feel the nature at the same time. The addition of waterfall also make it more elegant.

  1. Grecian Pool

This shape is known for it ability to accommodate the large members of the people that can enjoy the pool. Thus this Grecian pool can make the family bonding through swimming and leisure activity that give the feeling of warmth and friendliness.

  1. Figure 8 Pool

Do you like billiard? Then this swimming pool shape is right for you. The figure 8 pool with its amazing curve can make you feel the free flow of the water is easily and give you relax feeling as you look at it.

  1. Rectangular Pool

Do you have limited space, but you still want to have swimming pool in your house? Rectangular pools is the best swimming pool shape for you. It only require small area and you still can enjoy your pool.

  1. Circular pool

The circular pool give you minimalism look and helps you maintain the cleanliness of the water in it. However, this circle swimming pool shape needs to have a larger space to accommodate its shape.

  1. Oval Pool

Have the same characteristic with circular pool, this oval swimming pool shape has more curve and lines to provide the comfortable feeling.

  1. Kidney Pool

This kidney pool creates a very peaceful atmosphere to your house.  It also require small area and with the addition of waterfalls will make your pool nature feel like.

swimming pool designs in ground pool ideas with regard to 10 Different of Swimming Pools Shapes

After knowing ten different types of swimming pools shape, you may already have an option in your mind that will suit your home. However, you still need to consider several important factor that we already mention above. Then your swimming pool can turn out to be the best part in your home to enjoy your leisure time.