Sliding Barn Doors

Bесаuѕе оf thеіr flexibility, sliding barn doors hаvе bесоmе famous nowadays.

There are various materials you can use to construct these doors; nonetheless, it is recommended to use heavy and tough materials when installing sliding doors.

Sliding Barn Doors

Moreover, ensure that the material you are going to use is hard-wearing and can take weather changes.

sliding barn doors

How to Construct Sliding Doors?

The following are the steps that you have to perform in order to build the right and functional sliding door for your barn.

1. Acquire the Materials and Tools

The first step on building sliding barn doors is to purchase all the supplies and tools that you’ll need: Boards, Saw, Planks, Screws, Power Drivers, Metal Braces, Hammer and Nails.

2. Get Down the Measurements

The next step is to get the measurements of your desired door frame. Through the use of a measuring tape, know the length and width of the door frame you want to construct then list them down on any paper.

installing sliding barn doors

While listing the measurements, think through as well the design of the door.

3. Cut the Boards

Cut the board for the frame by following the measurement you have listed down. Depending on the mass and strength of the sliding barn doors you want, use two or more pile of wood beams.

4. Pull together the Frame

You require galvanized screws, nails and metal braces to put together the door. The door can have more firmness if a crossed cut brace will be set up in the midpoint of the frame.

barn door track system

If for instance you have a larger door, then you need two frames which will suit two halves of the door.

5. Plank the door

The next step is to begin planking the door. Use a saw to cut the planks to the desired height of the door; then, properly put it unto the door frame. With the use of the screws, nails, wood glue attach the planks to the frame.

sliding door handles

6. Escalate the Track and Wheels

A very significant task to do in terms of sliding barn doors is the escalation of the track and wheels; this is because this will actually make the door to slide.

You have to raise the track over the top of the frame with the use of carpenter level, power driver and wood screw. You also have to mount the wheels on the bottom of the barn door.

7. Mount Wall Tracks

This will be the last procedure in the installation of sliding barn doors. Given the measurement of the frame, put in the same length tracks unto the barn walls where they drawback.

These are the main procedures in installing sliding barn doors without the need of much effort. In order to improve the beauty of the door, you can paint it attractively depending on what you wish.

You may also want to paint your name on it for identity. What are you waiting for? Start building your sliding barn door to make your barn be more attractive!

Some pictures related to sliding barn doors:

exterior sliding barn doors
hanging sliding barn doors
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sliding glass door hardware
roll up garage doors
sliding barn door kit

Interior Sliding Doors

Mоѕt оf thе homeowners try еvеrу effort tо make thеіr homes unique frоm еасh оthеr. Thаt іѕ whеrе interior sliding doors enter thе scene.

Interior sliding doors have a very distinctive design and style. It is also good to have these since they not only enhance the creativity of your home, but they also help in providing more space.

Interior Sliding Doors

Interior glass dividers have come to the knowledge of some homeowners.

interior sliding barn door

If you are looking after the privacy of your room, glass sliding doors are not the best option. However, if it’s elegance and design that you seek after, these kinds of interior sliding doors are great.

When you purchase glass partitions, make sure to choose those built with high quality. These may come with a warranty; nonetheless, quality certainly matters when choosing a sliding glass door divider.

sliding glass door hardware

Do not go with the ones with poor quality even though they include any warranty because there is a possibility that they won’t last. Indeed, sliding doors with poor quality are not a good investment.

Interior sliding doors are good options for sectioning rooms in your house especially to make a play area for the children. These kinds of interior doors can be found in what is known as “milk glass”.

custom interior doors

The doors comprised of the milk glass will appear amazing for a closet door.

If you are not after the amount of sunlight entering your home, then having the interior doors with milk glass is advisable since these do not let much light; thus, they are good for closets.

interior french doors
patio sliding glass doors

Interior sliding doors with mirrors are yet other wonderful options for you. Homeowners can make use of their bedroom for dual purposes with these mirrors – sleeping and dressing maybe.

Due to their style, mirror-type doors are well-known to homeowners. They add charm and sensibility to the rooms in the house. Moreover, these rooms are suitable for the bedroom closet.

sliding pocket doors

Interior doors are amazing for the whole appearance of a home. They are also quick to install that is why even the homeowners themselves can set them up without the need for headaches.

Having interior doors can also improve the financial worth of a home. Elegant doors make a huge difference to any home buyers especially when they are looking for their perfect home.

There are several rooms in the house where you can choose to install interior sliding doors. These are actually well-known on being placed or installed in closets.

solid wood interior doors
exterior sliding doors
wall slide doors

Interior doors are also ideal for back and front doors, even on the laundry room. Having these doors can really help you utilize space.

Select the right material that will match your decoration. Some of the available resources are wood fold, plastic, metal, glass and mirror constituents.

Interior sliding doors are the best and they even give class and style to a home.

Take a look around and buy the best interior doors that will fit your home; these will possibly be the wisest investment that you will do.

Sliding Shower Doors

If you are planning on purchasing sliding shower doors, you have to first determine the advantages and disadvantages of every type. It’s good to know what you can precisely expect from these doors.

A sliding door is definitely suitable for small places. This is beneficial since you do not need to consume the entirety of space when installing this door.

Sliding Shower Doors

Shower curtains are now popular among many people; they use them to cover their shower room. This is because they can get enough privacy for themselves and that they can save some good amount of money.

glass sliding shower doors

If you really desire to have genuine security while you are showering, the greatest choice you can have are the sliding shower doors.

What might really be the reason that you wish security while you shower?

The truth is our minds are accustomed on thinking that we are at our weakest when we are nude. Because of that fact, we usually take a bath, as well as shower by ourselves.

custom sliding shower doors
shower door hardware

Indeed, you would not want anybody suddenly pulling the shower curtain and subsequently see your naked body while taking your shower.

Nonetheless, no matter how good sliding shower doors are, they still have their downsides.

Many homeowners noticed that installing the tracks of the shower door is so really difficult.

This implies that much work has to be done for the setting up of sliding doors compared with the others. The installation consumes much wasted time and productivity.

sliding shower door installation
sliding shower doors parts

Moreover, another downside of these doors is that the track appears unappealing once the door is connected.

Also, people think that the frame actually destroys the entire beauty of the whole door rather than enhancing it.

In fact, many people have complained and realized that the problems with sliding shower doors mostly are related with the track.

The gathering of many things on the track is one of the primary problems with sliding shower doors.

When you open the shower door, all that you can see is the debris gathered on the track. On the other hand, when the door is closed, the debris is jammed between the track and the door.

The accumulation of debris worsens the performance of the door. You have to ensure that the sliding shower door is always closed so that you can avoid this concern.

You should open or close the sliding door only when entering or exiting the shower space.

However, if you happen to have a tub in your shower area, getting a sliding shower doors might not be a good choice since it may cause difficulty on using the tub.

tub shower units

Sliding shower doors, not like the shower curtains, cannot be adjusted in order to have more space on the border of the place.

Placing a sliding shower doors when you have a tub can limit your actions even the space in your shower area.

Moreover, bathing your kids on the tub can also become a tough challenge for you. The frame and the track add to this challenge. Since the attachment of a sliding shower door makes it hard to access the tub, the chore of cleaning it also becomes hard.

Steel Entry Doors

There are a lot of benefits when you have steel entry doors for your home. What are they?

You can have a lot of exterior door choices for your house; nonetheless, when talking about security and toughness, a steel door entry is the best choice you have. We all know that security and toughness is very essential when referring to an entry door.

Steel Entry Doors

Because steel entry doors can deliver these two important factors, they have become well-known for residential houses.

custom steel entry doors

Steel entry doors have also become popular due to the point that they are tougher yet cheaper than wood doors and fiberglass.

Actually, there are many excellent steel doors which only cost $150 to $200. Steel doors also do not crack, warp or chip; this is another one of their amazing benefits.

The most awful thing that could possibly happen is for the door to be dented; nonetheless, that could be repaired easily.

double steel entry doors

Steel garage doors can are also available for your home. If you want to purchase one, just search for a garage door contractor.

Different Options for Steel Doors

Steel doors are constructed using heavy-gauged galvanized steel. When you purchase for your door, remember that a high quality door consists of 24- to 25-gauge steel.

steel entry doors

There are factory-made types or special-order doors available when talking about steel doors.

There is an embossing procedure undertaken by most of the steel doors. This is where a wood-grain design is added further to the door which makes its appearance look even better. The door will turn into plain, simple and smooth steel.

residential steel entry doors

The other kinds of steel entry doors contain wood-fiber coatings for them not be get stained. There are also some which contain a real wood finish coating.

There is no difficulty in finding the perfect door that fits your preference; the doors range from smooth to textured, as well as to ready-to-paint.

Moreover, addition of artistic features on the steel entry door such as decorative glass is also possible.

Energy Savings

Steel entry doors are built using polyurethane insulation; this means that your house gets a double insulating effect. Thus, this can help in saving both money and energy.

Steel already has its natural insulating features; hence, with the extra insulation, the steel doors become much better on maintaining warmth or coldness in your house.

Keep in mind when choosing steel doors over wood doors that you help on saving the trees from being cut.

steel entry door with sidelights

Other Things to Remember

There are some conventional steel entry doors which are factory-made and contain a baked-on polyester polish. This implies that the door has the tendency to chip. You only have to repaint the door once chipping occurs.

Nonetheless, to totally avoid such problem, just find a steel door which has a vinyl coating; this protects the door from chipping and even makes it resistant to such components.

Window Treatments for French Doors

Through this article, you will find out the benefits of having French doors installed in your home and the different kinds of window treatments for French doors.

When you are planning to redesign your home or build your home, then you might want to consider having some window treatments for French doors.

Window Treatments for French Doors

When your house is yet to have French doors installed, then you might consider getting them window treatments for French doors.

window treatments for patio doors

You see French doors provide your house with that exotic look. They can be installed anywhere in the house. You can either have it in the front side of your home or in back.

They don’t look odd anywhere and suit any kind of place. Whether the area you are living in is sunny, rainy or even it experiences snowfall.

window treatments for french doors

French doors can also be used as dividers. The traditional type of the French doors provides you with a relaxing atmosphere and so does the modern type of French doors.

Your house feels airy and light having French doors. They enable lots of light to enter inside. If you are someone who likes to view your garden or the lawn, then French doors are the answer to that.

Though French doors look presentable without curtains, you might want to have them covered and protect your privacy. You can always make use of a string or rod to pull aside the curtain when you want fresh light inside your hall or room.

french door shutters

As there are many choices from which you can choose French doors, you will want to finalize on the one which is suitable for your house.

Given below are the different kinds of window treatments for French doors.

Horizontal mini blinds

A horizontal mini blind is an alternative of window treatments for French doors. You can select horizontal mini blinds based on your financial capabilities. Though horizontal min blinds are slightly on the costly side, they are durable and provide your room with a classic look.

window coverings for french doors

When your room has the latest interiors, then you might want to go in for aluminum blinds. Those of you, living in areas that have high humidity, you can opt for vinyl mini blinds.

The kitchen or bathroom is areas in your house that experience high humidity and vinyl mini blinds can be used there.

Fabric French door window treatments

Draperies are commonly used on French doors. You have so many drapery styles from which you can choose from.

Sheers are other fabric window treatments for French doors, which can be used through rods.

If you are still not sure about installing French doors, then you can directly view them by visiting a store or neighbor who has these installed.

french door curtains

You can enquire from neighbor about window treatments for French doors. You can ask them questions like, whether it is useful to them or not? How often does it have to be replaced? What are the maintenance costs?

This might help you decide on whether or not you want to have them installed in your house or not. This is something you don’t want to miss out on.

roman shades for french doors

As always, you can go through the internet to find out more about the different kinds of window treatments for French doors. There are many websites, blogs, and forums through which you can find what you are looking for.

Retractable Screen Doors

There’s no denying that retractable screen doors are probably the most popular in porch and patio doors. These doors are perfect to let fresh air in and out of the house.

Unluckily, apart from fresh air, you can get lots of flies and insects into your house. However, if you use retractable screen doors you can take the outdoors indoors without the hassle of dealing with insects.

Retractable Screen Doors

Technology has also had an impact on the improvement of houses since you don’t have to go for the traditional metal frame or the typical screen door that never stays on the track.

traditional metal security screen doors

As you now have the chance to get customized frames, it’s a lot easier to beautify a house.

The advantages of having retractable screen doors are many and varied. More modern kinds of screens offer better views at the same time as they keep your house free of leaves, debris and unwanted insects.

odl retractable screen doors

When you don’t use the screen, you simply have to retract it so that it’s not a nuisance when you don’t need it. If you keep the screen rolled back, you will also be protecting it from possible damage and dirt.

replacement screen door

As they have been created to be fully rolled back, you won’t have to go through two different doors to enter your house and you won’t regret having installed the screen.

You will also note that your house is a lot more ventilated when you start using the screen. This is mainly because you will be able to leave the door open and to use the screen to protect you, which means that you will certainly have better ventilation.

french door retractable screens

Retractable screen doors have an outstanding appearance. These kinds of doors have been created to be particularly compact, elegant, sleek and unobtrusive so as to be completely different from typical screen doors.

It’s not fashionable or practical to go for the traditional metal frame door because there are a lot of different modern designs on offer at present.

wood screen doors

Nowadays, you have the chance to choose the materials and colour of the retractable screen door you get so that it goes with the decoration of your house.

As a matter of fact, there are eight different colours to choose from and more than ten wood grains to make any house look better. If you can have it finished with the right screws and the perfect hardware, you will surely impress your friends with your new acquisition.

garage door screen

When you get the modern retractable screen doors, you won’t have to deal with the traditional screens that make your life a lot more difficult when simply trying to get some fresh air into your house.

Front Door Decorations

If you wish to know how to enhance your home’s front area, here are some great ideas regarding front door decorations.

The very primary thing that your visitors will notice is the front door of your house. Of course, if you wish to have a nice impression from the people visiting your home, you have to add some decorative stuff in this area.

Front Door Decorations

There is no need for these decoration accents to be expensive or extravagant. In most cases, even just one or two individually chosen pieces can already have a great effect.

outdoor wreath
You can give your home a nice feel just through the decoration of your front doorway. This will also create a welcoming vibes to your visitors.

Hang a Door Garland

Hanging a door garland is definitely among front door decorations ideas. You may choose any theme for this. It will help cover a lot of space on your front door.

You have to assure that you will select something which will be resistant to tough weathers and something which does not easily fade.

An amazing autumn design will be a garland of autumn painted leaves. During Christmas, a nice garland would be one made of poinsettias or holly.

fall front door decorations

Display a Huge Wreath or Any Floral Display

Among the front door decorations ideas is the display of a huge wreath or any floral display.

You can exhibit these using a wreath hanger. You can also try to make your own wreath. Use natural materials such as pine cones if you want. You can easily do this with the help of a glue gun; then, simply add on any decorative floral of your own choice.

spring wreaths for front door

It is recommended to make a Christmas wreath by you. Use a premade wreath outline and then simply glue on Christmas floral of your choice. You can buy these things on any stationary store..

Add a Door Knob Hanger

Yet another of the front door decorations is the addition of a door know hanger. There are a lot of ways you can do this.

You may choose to do something handmade, or place a unique piece or simply put a colored ribbon which has bells in it.

In terms of seasonal themes, you can take a dried corn’s strand or combine together small autumn leaves; these will be good to make a hanger.

mesh wreath ideas

For winter or Christmas, you may try snowman or poinsettias; or you may combine both.

When decorating your front door, seasonal front door decorations can be fun.

When autumn strikes, you may use an autumn-inspired wreath using fall leaves, apples and small pumpkins. You may use dried corn or cornucopia for thanksgiving.

A tip from us, you can wrap your front door using heavy wrapping paper to make it appear like a huge present.