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Bathroom Window Curtains

When you are selecting bathroom window curtains couple of factors need to be kept in mind. The given below article will help you understand how you can go about things.

Your bathroom is your personal space. The bathroom window curtains that you choose should be able to create the ambience that you want.

Bathroom Window Curtains

This is a part of how to select bathroom window curtains.

bath curtains

Window Size

The window size is important. Before you select the curtain, you might want to know the measurements of your window.

You don’t want to purchase a curtain that is too small or too large for your bathroom window. It will look odd and spoil the entire looks of your bathroom. The curtain must be the exact size as that of your bathroom window.

Those of you, who are planning to stitch curtains themselves can do so.

bathroom window curtain ideas

Bathroom Humidity

Before choosing the bathroom window curtains, you will want to know the humidity levels of your bathroom.

When you take a shower during winter seasons, then the humidity levels stand high. When humidity levels are high, they cause moisture to be formed on your curtains which can become into dew.

The fabric of your curtains should be considered. You might want to go in for cotton fabric which is lightweight. The reason for that is they can contain high levels of humidity and dry easily.

bathroom window valance

Lined or Unlined Curtains

You will need to also decide on the design of your bathroom window curtains, whether you want to have lined or unlined. This of course, depends on your personal taste and choice.

It also depends on the size and shape of your bathroom. You might want to go in for a lined curtain as they can tolerate high humidity levels.

bathroom window shades

You will also need to take other factors into mind before making that decision. Your privacy might get affected when you choose a light colored curtain.

During nights, when you use your bathroom with the lights on, others can clearly see what is going on. To ensure that your privacy is not affected, you might want to go in for lined curtains.

If your bathroom is small in size, then you might want to make use of light colors as they provide you with the feeling that your bathroom is large and smells better.

When you are particular about the atmosphere of your bathroom, then you might want to go in for a darker color like deep red or purple.

vinyl bathroom window curtains
bathroom curtains for small windows

Blend with the Interiors

The bathroom window curtains must blend with the interiors. That also depends on the furnishings. The wall color and tiles also have to be taken into consideration.

If your bathroom interiors are light colored, then you might want to go in for a light colored curtain. If your bathroom interiors are dark colored, then you should go in for a dark colored curtain.

bathroom window curtains

It can look extremely odd, when your curtain color and interiors don’t have anything in common. You certainly don’t want that to happen in your case. So, ensure that the color of the curtain blends with the interiors.

6 Best Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces

Are you searching for some great ideas in order to save space in your limited-spaced bathroom? You can definitely turn your small bathroom into a relaxing one by applying witty design bathroom ideas for small spaces.

Careful use of space and the selection of the appropriate kind of bathroom vanities are certainly a great way to maximize what you have.

Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces

As we all know, bathrooms are categorized as half baths, three quarter baths or full bathrooms.

tiny bathroom design idea

Half baths are those which contain a sink, toilet and shower and are enough to provide the needs of a certain family. On the other hand, full bathrooms are the ones that include a bathtub plus the other stated facilities.

In most cases, when talking regarding small bathrooms, we mean the half or three quarter bathrooms. Nevertheless, there are still some who were able to install a bathtub in their limited-spaced bathroom; thus, they have a hard time placing other bathroom vanities.

storage ideas for small bathroom

Fortunately, the given bathroom ideas for small spaces below can really help you take good care of any space-related concerns in your bathroom.
Some Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathrooms

  1. Pedestal Sink or Vanity Cabinets

A great amount of space in your bath area can be consumed by vanity cabinets. So, a much better idea is to choose pedestal sinks. When you have to store a lot of toiletries and accessories, a small vanity which includes counter cabinets underneath is a great choice.

small bathroom layout idea

Another one of the great bathroom ideas for small spaces for your bathroom is placing wall attached sinks which have shelves under.

  1. Shower Enclosures

Small bathrooms usually contain either a bathtub along with a shower or simply, a shower only. In order to provide a spacious feel in our bathroom decoration, it is good to install shower curtains or shower enclosures.

small bathroom shower renovation ideas

An impression that your small bathroom is large can be brought upon by a glass shower. If you cannot afford the installation of shower enclosures, you may opt to install shower curtains instead. Also, pick a curtain with a pastel color in order to make the room appear spacious.

  1. Smaller Toilet

It is not practical to install large comfortable toilets in your small bathrooms. Rather, just choose smaller ones which are similarly comfy.

smaller toilet
  1. Door Swing

You may think that this is an unimportant concern when talking about the decor of a small bathroom. Nonetheless, you have to understand that a door swing consume a great amount of space in your bathroom.

small bathroom with door swing

In fact, it can occupy about 25% of the entire space of a bathroom – half or three quarter.

  1. Lighter Paint Colors

One of the amazing bathroom ideas for small spaces is painting the bathrooms walls with light colors. This is actually a basic principle in interior designing.

Lighter colors make a calming effect and create an impression of an open space bathroom.

small bathroom lighter paint colors
  1. Brighter Floor Tiles

Putting larger brighter tiles are also included on the different bathroom ideas for small spaces to make them appear larger.

bathroom with larger brighter tiles

You may choose among ceramic tiles, quarry tiles or cork flooring tiles with moderate colors like off-white, white, beige or sand.

Do you want another secret? Watch this video to make small bathroom look bigger.

10 Small Bathroom Design Ideas

There are often small bathroom design ideas that you will often miss, but here is where this article will help you out.

When dealing with different size bathroom it is also best to remember the room that you are working with and the space that you have. Likewise with any bathroom size that you may have in your home.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

There are so many different small bathroom design ideas that you may be surprised. By using different spacing techniques and positioning of appliances you will end up utilizing your bathroom more than you ever thought.

small bathroom design ideas photos


Installing a wall mounted vanity is a great way to maximize space and is often used in many small bathrooms. Choosing a vanity that has storage space, with drawers is also a plus, too. This then means that you can install towel racks on either side, or place them in the drawers.

small bathroom remodel ideas picture

Another great space saver is to place the vanity in a corner, this will give you that extra wall space on either side. It also utilizes the space well, as you may have never put anything in the corner.

However, if you would prefer the floor standing vanity then pick something of appropriate size, or better yet a small pedestal sink. If you loose storage space as a result then use recessed shelving. This will give you the storage space that is a must in a bathroom, while having the clean look and more floor space.

Utilizing Mirrors

Mirrors is one of those small bathroom design ideas that can give off the illusion of maximize space. Where you position your mirrors that means you can either maximize your length, the depth and the width of your bathroom. There are a few ways to do this. You can use a large mirror over the vanity, to reflect the space of the room. This will give off the idea that there is more depth in the room.

If you have the ability to do so use smaller mirrors on the opposite walls, having the mirrors looking at each other. This gives the vibe of a room never ending. If you are lucky enough to have a shower in the bathroom, then have a mirrored door instead of a shower door.

bathroom tile design


Using the lighting in your bathroom can do wonders for styling the room. When using lighting in the bathroom, make sure they are well positioned and are well lit. Giving light to dark corners will also give your room a lift.

small bath design idea
small bathroom design ideas with bathtub

When decorating your windows, think about using lace curtains or sheer curtains. This can bring more light into the room. If you are worried about privacy then try replacing the windows with frosted, stained panels or an etched design.

As you can see there are countless small bathroom design ideas to choose from. Find out what your budget is for your room, and you can implement the small bathroom design ideas to your liking.

Watch this video to make small bathroom look bigger.

Pictures of Small Bathroom Design Ideas:

tiny bathroom design
bathroom design plan
small bathroom paint idea
small bathroom design ideas with washing machine
bathroom designs for small space

10 Space-Saving Small Bathroom Design

Looking for a great small bathroom design might seem a lot more difficult than it actually is if you look for information in the right place.

If you have a small bathroom, you shouldn’t worry about it because there are a lot of different ideas that will allow you to come up with a wonderful small bathroom design.

Small Bathroom Design

Some of the ideas we will discuss will surely provide you with the necessary strategies to optimize the space you have without using a lot of objects.

small bathroom design ideas

Read on to find some great hints on how to choose the most appropriate small bathroom design that will help you make the most of the existing space.

If you are planning to create a nice small bathroom design the first thing to keep in mind is how you use the bathroom. This means that you will have to determine if you want to have a full or half bathroom.

Remember that a full bathroom implies a bathroom with all the characteristics of a room for bathing activities.

modern small bathroom designs
small bathroom design pictures

On the other hand, a half bathroom only includes a washbasin and a toilet. If this is your case, you will have to look for a simple design and move on to a simple colour and furniture pieces.

When you try to create a small bathroom design, there are many important aspects you should take into account.

One of the first things to do is make use of the existing mirror. Remember that using a mirror in a small room is one of the best ways to create an optical illusion of more space.

transitional small bathroom design
small bathroom design layout
small bathroom renovation ideas

Several experienced interior designers claim that it’s a good idea to use a full-length mirror on the walls of the bathroom so that people feel more comfortable.

Even when installing a mirror can be really useful to make a small room look more spacious, you need to know that if you have more than three mirrors in the bathroom, people might not be comfortable.

Hence, it’s a good idea to use only one mirror with a good size to achieve the desired effect.

Something else that is essential to think about when creating a small bathroom designs is the kind of toilet you choose.

You have the chance to go for a compact toilet that doesn’t take up too much space. You shouldn’t worry about that either, because there are a lot of compact toilet options on offer on the market these days.

small bathroom tile designs
bathroom ideas for small spaces
bathroom interior design
luxury small bathroom designs

Nevertheless, it would be a lot better if you go for a model that goes with the current style of your house in order to create a better impact.

The last thing to keep in mind when looking for a small bathroom design is the colour scheme you are going to choose.

If your bathroom is small, it’s a good idea to go for light colours that are not difficult to combine so that you make your bathroom look and feel bigger.

How to Remodel a Bathroom

Browsing through internet, different design magazines, as well as books is the best option on how to remodel your bathroom to make it stylish and functional.

Indeed, remodelling your bathroom will need your time and effort; but you will see at the end that it will be all worth it. When you want to know how to remodel a bathroom, there are a lot of considerations you have to remember.

How to Remodel a Bathroom

We hope this article will help you in decorating and remodelling your bathroom. Here we go!

How to Remodel a Bathroom within Your Budget

It might be a great challenge for you to remodel your bathroom if you have a tight budget. Nonetheless, using your imagination and creativity, you can surely transform the appearance of your bathroom.

You have to bear in mind some things when you remodel your bathroom.

how to remodel a bathroom on a budget

Firstly, keep a record of all the things that you wish to improve such as the toilet, bathtub, sink, tiling, flooring and the bathroom decoration.

Once done listing these things, decide which among them should be done first; give importance to the ones which are extremely needed.

Through painting the bathroom’s walls, you can give it a face lift. As much as possible, apply soft, pastel colors since they give out a peaceful and relaxing look; avoid applying bright and loud colors.

bathroom shower ideas

If you desire to make your bathroom look larger and brighter, you may opt for tactical lighting and put mirrors above the sink. You can place round or oval mirrors which have frames that fit to the entire beauty of the bathroom; there’s no need to go with the usual rectangular mirrors.

Just look around the local markets or antique shops in your place and you may possibly find the perfect mirror for your bathroom.

One of the great methods to waterproof your bathroom is through incorporating tiles in it. Tiling your bathroom not only protects it, but even adds value to its appearance. Bathroom tiles come in different sizes, textures, colors and shapes.

bathroom decorating ideas picture

How to Remodel a Bathroom Yourself

When you are taking major structural modifications in remodelling your bathroom, it is advisable that you take a professional assistance.

However, you can do by your own minor projects such as building extra storing, placing curtains on the windows or painting the walls of the bathroom.

Simply modify some basics of tour bathroom if you want to understand how to remodel a bathroom without the need to spend much money.

Putting a new light or a new faucet, placing a new different shower curtain or adding colourful decorations can definitely enhance the appearance of even the dullest of bathrooms.

master bathroom designs

One of the great methods on how to remodel a bathroom to make it clean and mess-free is to allot space for all of the things kept in it. In order to easily access items such as detergents and fabric softener, give them space over the bathroom door.

For items such as brushes, combs, toothbrushes and toothpaste install flat-backed cups into the cabinet door to keep them; this is the case since these items consume much space because they are placed horizontally on the shelf.

Proper storing in the bathroom is of great importance because most people keep their belongings such as towels, toilet paper and other supplies in the bathroom.

Bathroom Tile Ideas

For your bathroom to be efficient it is vital that there is sufficient space inside. Only when you have proper space in the bathroom, you can use it well.

bathroom tile

Bathroom Tile Ideas

The bathroom is usually under utilized by many of you as you don’t have the required accessories inside. You can say that the bathroom is taken for granted by many people.

bathroom tile designs

You just enter the bathroom and use it. However, you might get tired of looking that the same old bathroom every day. It is vital that you get up with something bright and fresh.

Some of you get used to the routine that it becomes normal. You just enter the bathroom because you have to. It is crucial that you find your bathroom welcoming and relaxing as most of us go there to spend some time for ourselves.

bathroom floor tile

You like to take time and relax your body when having a bath or shaving. You would probably sing a song and be happy to start the day on a bright note. You like to forget about all the worldly tensions and just be by yourself.

bathroom floor tile

That is not necessary, when you can improvise the looks of your bathroom.You can make use of bathroom tile ideas to enhance the looks of your bathroom.

Here are few things to keep in mind before buying bathroom tile.

bathroom tile gallery

The colors of the tiles

The first bathroom tile ideas would be to select the color of the tiles. Usually you have to choose a color that blends with the interiors of your room.

bathroom backsplash

When your room color is light, then you should go in for a light color tile. If your room color is dark, then you will want to select a dark color tile.

The texture of the tiles

The most important of the bathroom tile ideas are that the texture of the tile should be elegant. They should be able to highlight your bathroom in a better manner. There are many textures of the bathroom tiles.

bathroom wall tile

They should show your taste and personality. It is vital that you are able to choose a bathroom tile that can showcase your personality.

The blend of the tiles

Another of the bathroom tile ideas is the blend of the tiles. The bathroom tiles must blend with the interiors of the room too.

There are many resources for you online. You got many suppliers that are selling their wares on the internet at discounts. You might want to make use of them when your finance is tight.

shower tile ideas

As you go through the online portals, you get an idea on what kind of design will suit your bathroom. The pattern, size, and color of the bathroom tiles are vital.

shower tile designs

You don’t want to choose too many color schemes as it can ruin the looks of your bathroom. You would want to use bathroom tile ideas that brighten your day the next time you step inside.

subway tile bathroom

You might also want to put your creativity to use here. Think about which design is the best.

Corner Bathroom Vanity

When you want your bathroom to be the perfect place for you to relax and enjoy your time, it is crucial that the bathroom is functional. Many people don’t seem to take notice of the functionality of the bathroom.

Corner Bathroom Vanity

Only when the bathroom is functional, it is useful to you. The time that is spent in the bathroom is enjoyed by you.

bathroom vanity tops

Though not commonly used, the corner bathroom vanity is a very beneficial accessory for your bathroom.

When you are looking for ways to improvise the storage space in your bathroom, you might want to consider using the corner bathroom vanity. The bathroom vanity is a very necessary product for any bathroom.

bath vanities

Let us see some of the benefits of having a corner bathroom vanity.

Used in small bathrooms

The corner bathroom vanity can be used in small bathrooms. When your bathroom is small in size, you can make use of a bathroom vanity that is installed in a corner.

small bathroom vanities

The corner depends on the layout of your bathroom and requirements. When you want to have a large bathtub in your bathroom then you need space to walk around.

The function of your bathroom can be entirely changed by installing a corner bathroom vanity.

vanities for bathrooms

However, when you have got a small sized bathroom, you will want to make sure that you got a bathroom vanity installed at the corner so that you have space to walk around, you can perform your tasks without worrying about anything.

corner vanity

They come in many materials and colors

The corner bathroom vanity comes in many materials and colors. There are light colors and dark tones in which the bathroom vanity can be got.

white bathroom vanity

They can blend into any color and are perfect for small and large homes. Whether you are residing in an individual home or apartment, you can find something that suits your needs.

Finalize the storage space that you require

You must finalize the storage space you require when installing the corner bathroom vanity. The materials that the bathroom vanity is made from help you decide on which one to select.

bathroom vanities with tops

Though metal and glass are excellent materials, they do not provide you with better storage space below and above the counter.

When you select traditional or antique vanities, they provide you with storage, but are larger.

Decide on the material you need

You would want to decide on the material you need. Depending on the material you select for the corner bathroom vanity, the time period is affected as some need plenty of care.

modern bathroom vanities

When many family members are using the bathroom, then it is essential that you choose the material of the corner bathroom vanity wisely.

bath vanity

Glass materials can get scratched and damaged easily. Sometimes when small pieces fall down, they can harm little children. You would want to make sure that such things don’t happen.

bathroom vanity tops

Installing a corner bathroom vanity helps you to have an organized, spacious, and tidy bathroom. You can store all your things in a corner and have the remaining part free.

Bathroom Accessories

The correct bathroom accessories are important whether you are building a new bathroom or renovating an old one.

marble bath accessories regarding Bathroom Accessories

Most of the people are aware of the various brands of bathroom accessories that are available in the market. They also know which ones are better in quality and performance and which are not.

Bathroom Accessories

Besides looking for the best bathroom accessories one also need to consider the price factor as well so that money spent is worth the benefit derived out of the accessories.

Here are some factors that you can use in order to find the best bathroom accessories.

There is a general perception amongst most of the people that more an item is expensive, higher is its quality. But in fact this is not always the fact as there accessories for bathroom that are not only cheap but also are good in quality.

new five piece set shell resin bathroom accessories set pertaining to bathroom accessories

chrome bathroom accessories

You have to look for them properly in order to select the best ones at lower prices; for this you need to compare them in terms of functionality that they offer.

Buying costly branded bathroom accessories does not mean that it will serve your purpose optimally. The longevity of bathroom accessories depends on the people using them.

Therefore when you buy accessories for bathroom you need to consider the type of people who will use them.

When you are shopping for bathroom accessories you first need to ensure the purpose for using the accessories.

buy polyresin cube counter top bathroom accessories in within bathroom accessories

bathroom kids accessories

It might happen that you buy an accessory of high value which has multiple functions but you are not going to use all the functions in your bathroom. In this case it is clearly a waste of money.

Therefore you should determine what type of functions you want and buy accessories accordingly.

free shipping biggers luxury rose gold copper bathroom inside bathroom accessories

modern accessories for modern bathroom

It can also happen that there are some functions in the bathroom that can be fulfilled by things that can be done with cheap accessories and buying a costly one will be seer waste of money.

There are some accessories for bathroom with high price because of their multi-functional ability, you may not choose such items if you are not going to use all the features.

luxury matte black home bathroom decorations resin with regard to Bathroom Accessories

beach themed accessories

Therefore it becomes imperative that a homeowner should purchase bathroom accessories that are going to be cost effective.

If you are renovating your bathroom totally, you might require new items to give the bathroom a total change over. In such case you should consider purchasing items that come with a lifetime warranty, which will help in saving some money because such products rarely requires replacement.

solid brass crystal bathroom accessories set polish finish within Bathroom Accessories

If you are staying in a rented apartment then replacing accessories for bathroom with costly ones will be a big mistake.

In the long run it might not be cost effective as you might move out from the apartment any time. If you really need some replacement you can opt for inexpensive light bathroom accessories that will not burn your pocket.

decorating with one pink chic went shopping and redone my regarding Bathroom Accessories

decorative bathroom accessories

Such accessories can be shower curtains or rugs or mirrors that won’t cost you much and you will not feel the pinch when you move out.

Therefore depending upon your situation you need to select the type of accessories for bathroom that will suit your purpose without costing you much.